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Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and iOS. It is an invaluable tool for portfolio managers, traders and accountants.


Module 1 Complete Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Introduction MS excel 2010
  • Starting MS excel 2010 Application
  • Working with Ribbon & Quick Access Toolbar
  • Worksheet Fundamentals
  • Selecting Cells & Ranges
  • Formatting Cell & Worksheet
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Insert Tab In Excel 2010
  • Create Custom Tables
  • Sorting Data
  • Advance Filter
  • Creating Charts & Graphics
  • Chart Types
  • Sparkline
  • Pivot Table & Pivot Chart
  • Insert Slicer
  • Graphics & Designing In Excel
  • Working With Picture, Clipart & Shapes
  • Smart Art Objects
  • Hyperlinks
  • Printing Your Work
  • Page Layout Option
  • Analyzing Data with Excel
  • Get External Data From Various Sources
  • Data Validation
  • Performing Spreadsheet What-If-Analysis
  • Scenario Goal seek & Data Table
  • Solver
  • Macro
  • Developer Tab


Module 2 Basic Functions and Formulas in Excel 2010
  • Working with Formulas and Functions Function Library
  • Logical Functions - AND,IF,OR, NOT,TRUE & FALSE Functions
  • Text Functions - Search, Mid, Exact, Substitute, Replace, Find, Proper, Fixed, Trim, Clean, Text
  • Concatenate & T Functions
  • Date & Time Functions - Date, Today, Weekday, Date value, Time, Hour, Now, Days360, Edate, Eomonth, Networkdaysetc
  • Financial Functions - Fv, Pmt, Pv, Rate, Nper, Sln, Db, Syd...etc
  • LOOKUP & Reference Function- Match, Vlookup, Hlookup, Lookup, Index, Offset
  • Mathematical Functions - Sign, God, Lcm, Product, SumProduct, Sumif, Ceiling, Fact, Mmult, Combin...etc
  • Trigonometry Functions - Degrees, Radians, Cos, Sin, Tan etc...
  • Database Function - Dsum, Dmax, Dproduct, Dvar etc...
  • Statistical Functions - Counta, Countblank, Count if, Forecast
  • Frequency, Information Functions -Is Blank, Is Logical, Info, Cell, Is Ref etc...
  • Engineering Function - Convert, Delta, Gestep, Imreal, Dec2hex Functions etc...
  • Using Names to Work with Ranges Auditing


Job Opportunities

  • Data Analyst
  • Metrics and Analytics Specialist
  • MIS Executive
  • Financial Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Big Data Analytics Architect
  • Big Data Solution Architect


You will have more value to employers

Advanced excel skills will bring excellent job opportunities for you and you will be an outstanding candidate for your employers. Business organizations are looking for employees who are willing to study and have extensive analyzing skills. A proficient of Microsoft Excel means that you have awesome analyzing skills and you will be a strength of the company. Hence, you will get grand pay scales and good job opportunities.

Protects a significant amount of Time

If you are a small business person or a freelance worker, the advanced excel can assist you in saving a significant amount of time. Managing and analyzing data on the right path with essential Excel skills needs a decent measure of time. However, if you intend of all the complicated functions and practice of Microsoft Excel, then you can do the similar job in the least possible time.

Increase your Knowledge and Management Skills

Advanced Excel training does not just mean that a person becomes an expert in excel. But in the meantime, it also increases your knowledge and administration skills. During the training period, you will get comfortable with the complicated functions which include cells formatting, macro, making use of the graphical representations in spreadsheets, financial complex formulas, etc. He also gets excellent management skills inserting more power into his recommence.

Better Salary Aspects

If you are well-trained in ms excel, you dont need to worry about the salaries. Because ms excel in analytics is something which will never allow you to get worried about the wages.

Easy and effective comparisons

With the powerful analytical tools included within Microsoft Excel you have the ability to analyze large amounts of data to discover trends and patterns that will influence decisions. Microsoft Excels graphing capabilities allows you to summarize your data enhancing your ability to organize and structure your data.

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