CATIA stands for Computer Aided Three dimensional Interactive Application. It is a multi- platform CAD/CAM software suite written in C++ programming language. It is widely used CAD/CAM software and is considered as the most powerful and effective knowledge based software.

• It was created and developed by Dassault Systems (France), but IBM had the responsibility for its technical marketing.
• The applications of CATIA is wide ranging from industries like Aerospace, Automotive, Architecture to Consumer goods, Ship building, Electronics, Medical and Manufacturing.
• Since CATIA is PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software containing all the tools like : CAD, CAM, CAE. Therefore, applications of CATIA training are found in all industries and companies.
• CATIA is used by NASA to design various space equipment.
• Through the systems engineering approach, CATIA can provide solutions to complex models and innovative product. It was the innovative mind and years of hard work by Francis Bernard that led to the birth of CATIA. CATIA gained the quantum leap in sales when IBM became its distributor.

Note : Course duration of Catia Basics is 80 hrs.

  • Catia Basics
      • Sketcher
  • Pre- define sketchers/profiler
       • Dimensioning
       • Part modeling
  • Sketch Based Features
       • Advanced feature
       • Assembly design
  • Top down assembly
       • Bomb creation
       • Surface and wireframe design
  • • Wireframe modeling
       • Surface generation
       • Drafting
  • Generative drafting
       • Interactive drafting
       • Sheet-metal designing
  • Catia basics
  • +NC machining
  • +Mold designing
  • Catia mechanism


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