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AutoCAD CIVIL course will equip the students with the knowledge of AutoCAD software specially designed for manufacturing personnel, offering significant gains over the standard AutoCAD by simplifying complex CIVIL design work. AutoCAD CIVIL is widely used software for 2D and 3D CIVIL Computer Aided Design (CAD) package enabling the engineers to design, visualize and communicate their ideas with ease and efficiency.

This software has revolutionized the way manufactures think about their design processes and help them to create more productive workflows. It facilitates the extended draw toolbar for manufacturing and powerful and smart dimensions. Its new user interface makes commands much easier to find and allows the users to be trained quickly. This software provides the engineers with the basic skills needed to develop their AutoCAD knowledge taking it to next higher level.


  • Interface of AutoCAD
  • Basic Geometry Creation
  • Drafting Settings in AutoCAD
  • Snapping to Coordinates
  • Drawing Fundamentals for AutoCAD
  • How to use specialize drawing commands of AutoCAD?
  • AutoCAD Object Properties
  • How to make primary modifications in AutoCAD?
  • How to create text in AutoCAD?
  • AutoCAD’s Orienting
  • Utility and Inquiry Tools
  • Layers & Layouts of AutoCAD
  • Managing Blocks & References in AutoCAD
  • Annotations & Annotative Objects
  • Designing and Storing Attribute Information
  • Extracting Linking and Presenting Information in Tables
  • External References
  • How to Add Callouts in AutoCAD?
  • Checking Your Skills
  • How to link to different drawings?
  • Organizing Pictures
  • Printing & Plotting Drawings
  • Properly Size Annotations on Printed Drawings
  • How to share information with others?

Productivity tools

  • Creating Blocks
  • Creating libraries
  • Advance selection methods
  • Design center
  • Layouts
  • Direct prints
  • Object linking
  • Attributes
  • Script


Basic Overview to 3D
Isometric Views
Thickness & Elevation in AutoCAD
What is 3D Views & Orbit?
How to change View Ports in AutoCAD?
Visual Designs in AutoCAD
Solid Primitives
3D Basics & 3D Operation
How to modify solid editing?
How to create 3D Object in AutoCAD?
How to modifying 3D Mesh Objects?
Working with Surface Objects
Modifying 3D Objects in AutoCAD
Material & Mapping
Lights & Camera in AutoCAD
Motion Path Animation
How to do Rendering?
Export & Import 3D Drawing

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