Our training in robotics prepares our students to get the most recent and updated technology used in the Robotics industry. This Robotics Training will cover the best curriculam from the very basics of microprocessor/ microcontroller to the most complex robotics development.

We have designed our 6 weeks training in robotics in such a way that it covers the introduction theories of robotics, electronic components, electronic processors and controllers, circuit development with practicals of each modules to give our student the best of robotics training.

Syllabus - Robotics

  • Basic fundamentals of robot
  • Block diagram of robot
  • Application of robots
  • Safety of robots
  • Axis control
  • Safety control
  • I/p and O/p connection
  • Operation Monitoring
  • Prog. Editing
  • Timer function
  • Selection of robot
  • Reason to invest in robots
  • Controllers of robots
  • Robot specification
  • Application equipment
  • S/W products
  • Simulation of prog.
  • Programming of robots
  • Modules of robots
  • Introduction of robot ware
  • Introduction of robot studio
  • Robot family
  • Pay load
  • Modular version

  • Panel mount version
  • Auto / Manual operation
  • Calibration
  • Debug
  • Fault tracing
  • Manipulator
  • Principle of robots
  • Different types of controllers
  • Flex pendent
  • Quickset button
  • Mode of jogging
  • Coordinate system
  • Move J
  • Move C
  • Move L
  • Creating routing
  • Error handling
  • Log event


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