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Lumionis an incredible real-time 3D architectural visualization tool that’s being used for architects, urban planners and designers. In particular, it is great for individuals who want to add realistic 3D visualization to their SketchUp projects. We highly recommend that you are already familiar with AutoCAD, SketchUp or Revit. When visualization is not your primary profession you need software that’s easy to pick up. The ease of use is what makes Lumion such an incredible product.

Lumion is an essential tool for everyone who wants to visualize their building designs. It produces impressive, high quality videos very quickly and is extremely easy to master.

Lumion has customers in over 60 countries around the world. They include architects, designers, engineers, BIM modelers and universities. In particular if you are a SketchUp user, Lumion is the perfect complement to for adding 3D visualization to your SketchUp projects.


  • Starting a project – Project Setup, Screen Layout
  • Controlling the Camera
  • Modeling Environment and Modifying Terrain
  • Adding a Water Plane and/or Ocean
  • Importing – Updating Models with Geometry
  • Placing Content from the Library
  • Moving, Adding, Deleting and Scaling Models
  • Advanced Transformations
  • Content Specific Properties
  • Using Layers
  • Assigning and Modifying Materials
  • Saving Material Sets
  • Merging Materials with Terrain


  • Advanced Materials (Glass, Waterfalls, Self-I llumination, Glows)
  • Environment Settings
  • Setting Sun Direction and Height
  • Cloud Setting
  • Environment Setting
  • Adding / Modifying Light Fixture
  • Creating Still Images
  • Creating Animations
  • Animating Objects
  • Camera Presets
  • Animating Camera Zoom


  • Creating a camera Pan
  • Speed of Clips
  • Working with existing still images
  • Importing an existing movie file
  • Working with Filters
  • Filter Specific Settings
  • Adding Special Effects to Individual clips and entire movies
  • Adding Multiple Effects
  • Using Theater Mode Export and Rendering Options
  • Rendering the final output as a movie file

Job Opportunities

Designers Architects Engineers
Civil Engineers Drafters Architects
Contractors Building Managers Electrical Controls & System Designers
2D Artist Document Creators Game Developers
Graphic Designers 3D Animators Product Manufactures
Inventors Prototype Designers 3D Animators
Effects Specialist Game Designers Construction Managers
Structural Engineers Building Information Modelers Construction PMs
Interior Designer Construction Development Building Designer


  • Extremely easy to learn and use.
  • Easy connection to other software such as Revit and Sketchup.
  • It’s truly fast. As said before, rendering time is exquisite. The economy of time frees you for doing other work — or even taking that marvellous mug of coffee you normally don’t have time to enjoy.
  • The archive of elements (trees, people, objects, materials, etc.) is extensive. If it’s not enough, you can buy more — but you’ll probably be satisfied with the archives. You can also import them from Sketchup. All of them are animated or can be animated.
  • You don’t need a big group of architects, technicians, professionals, video programmers, etc. to help you with the work. You can do it yourself on just one nice computer.
  • Artistic filters give reality to your work.
  • It’s perfect for seeing how your landscape design will behave in the future. Unlike static mock-up or even electronic models, you can realize people and a big bunch of objects moving practically in a real experience, helping you to discover any design failures.
  • Professionals such as constructors and gardeners will understand perfectly what they are going to do in the site. You can also use the software to show your ideas to the community or neighbours where the project will be applied.
  • You can build big land areas, complete landscapes, or even a full city
  • There is the possibility to have sounds in the video.

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