Interior Design - Master Diploma (2 Year)

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Master Diploma (2 Year)


The main aim of our interior design courses is to groom design professionals who are willing to apply their skills in developing and interpreting projects in interiors of many areas such as exhibition hall design, public spaces, residential spaces and many more. Our interior design courses after 12th standard, offers technical knowledge to participants and make them understand how to resolve aspects in constructions of spaces. We provide methodologies to develop right representations for the proposals. We use creative, intuitive and artistic approach to make our students learn each and every aspect associated with interior designing. We are not just limited to classroom but our training also includes field trips and industrial visits that offer a holistic education to each student. We try to make interior designing training interesting and beneficial for our students. We provide excellent faculty guidance and best infrastructure to students. These characteristics of our training courses make CAD CAM EXPERTS as one of the best interior designing institutes / college in INDIA

  • History- II : Harappan, Rajput, Mughal, Roman, Modern architecture 
  • Advanced Building Construction : Roofs, Trusses, Doors, windows in detail, Staircase in details Design Idea : More advanced furniture and office design furniture along with Polish, Varnish And Paints Knowledge, Designing of Material based Furniture 
  • Material & Servicing : Plumbing Detail, A.0 Ducting, Hard wares, Detailed electric wires, cables, Switches, Calculation & Paints, LAN Switches, Telephone, Camera inst 
  • Life Space Planning : Circulation, Space factors, Principles Art of Studio Design & Model making - II : Business center, Showroom design, Advertising Agency, Library 
  • Estimating & Costing : Building Regulation Act, Contract System and its types, Code of Ethics, Tenders, Estimate of a full Commercial Building 
  • Market survey : Tiles, fixtures, carpenter, tapestry material carpets & rugs, paint, textures, upholdings 
  • Workshops & Commercial site Visits : Computerized Designing 

Year 1


  • Basic Design 
  • Introduction to Art & Interior Design Design Drawing and Graphics –I 
  • Interior Design Materials & Applications –I 
  • Communication Skills 
  • Workshop(ceramics -clay/plaster of Paris) Space Planning 
  • Creativity and Problem Solving Design Drawing and Graphics –II 

  • Interior Design Materials and Applications II Basic Computer Applications 
  • Workshop (photography) 
  • Interior Design Studio I 
  • Furniture Design 
  • Fundamentals of Structures 
  • Advanced Materials and Applications 
  • History of Interior Design 
  • Workshop (Wood, Cane, Bamboo) 
  • Practical Training

Year 2


  • Interior Design Studio II 
  • Lifestyle Accessories Design 
  • Environmental Control 
  • Estimation and Project Management 
  • Advanced Computer Applications 
  • Workshop (weaving) 
  • Integrated Project I 
  • Interior Design Studio III 
  • Workshop Drawing and Details Environmental Control 
  • Interior Services 
  • Signage and Graphics 
  • Workshop (Metal) 
  • Integrated Project II 

  • Interior Design studio IV 
  • Seminar 
  • Interior Landscape 
  • Professional Practice 
  • Psychology of Space and Behavioural Science Workshop –Printing and Textiles 
  • Integrated Project Work III 
  • Summer Programme 
  • Design Thesis Revitalisation of Arts and Crafts 

INTERNSHIP (as per student suitability)(3-6 Month)

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