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We at CAD CAM Experts offers high end training on Vray with 3ds Max. All trainers are industry Professionals and they have good working experience with Architectural Interior Designing firms. We have high end machines with good configuration that are essential for Vray rendering. Vray course is designed for architects, interior designers, industrial designers having good knowledge with 3d studio max. Our classes focus on Vray lighting, Camera, Materials, Photon Mapping, Passes Rendering. We are the best Vray institute in Delhi providing the best courses.

V-Ray is a rendering engine that is used as an extension of certain 3D computer graphics software. It is a rendering engine that uses advanced techniques, for example global illumination algorithms such as path tracing, photon mapping, irradiance maps and directly computed global illumination. The use of these techniques often makes it preferable to conventional renderers which are provided as standard with 3d software, and generally renders using these techniques can appear more photo-realistic, as actual lighting effects are more realistically emulated. V-Ray is used in the Interior/Architectural and video game industries.


V-Ray Geometry

  • V-Ray Proxy
  • V-Ray Fur
  • V-Ray Plane
  • V-Ray Sphere
  • V-Ray Displacement Mod

V-Ray Light
  • V-Ray Light
  • V-Ray IES Light
  • V-Ray Ambient Light
  • V-Ray Sun
  • V-Ray Mesh Light

V-Ray Camera
  • V-Ray Dome Camera
  • V-Ray Physical Camera
  • V-Ray Effects
  • V-Ray Sphere Fade
  • V-Ray Toon
  • V-Ray Fog Light

V-Ray Indirect Illumination
  • Photon Mapping
  • Light Cache
  • Brute Force
  • V-Ray Caustics
  • V-Ray System
  • V-Ray Render Element
  • V-Ray Passes
  • V-Ray Post Production


V-Ray Caustics

  • V-Ray Light Prop
  • Photons
  • Caustics Subdivision (Light)
  • Caustics Subdivision (Render)
  • Manual Control of Caustics

V-Ray System
  • Ray casterPARAM’s
  • Render Region Division
  • Frame Stamp
  • Distribute Rendering
  • V-Ray log

V-Ray Render Element
  • Global illumination
  • Specular
  • Shadow
  • Object ID / Material ID

V-Ray Post Production
  • Compositing V-Ray Elements Passes into Photoshop


V-Ray Material

  • About V-Ray Material
  • V-Ray 2 Sided Material
  • V-Ray Blend Material
  • V-Ray Car Paint Material
  • V-Ray Blend Material
  • V-Ray Fast SSS
  • V-Ray Fast SSSZ
  • V-Ray Light Material
  • V-Ray Material Wrapper
  • V-Ray Override Material
  • V-Ray Simpiont Material
  • V-Ray Vector Displ Bake
  • Using V-Ray Material Library
  • V-Ray BMP Fitter
  • V-Ray Color
  • V-Ray Complex
  • V-Ray Dirt
  • V-Ray Edges Tax
  • V-Ray HDRI
  • V-Ray Map
  • V-Ray Sky

V-Ray Rendering
  • About Common Parameters
  • Render Output Size
  • Rendering Different File Type
  • V-Ray Global Switches
  • V-Ray Image Sampler
  • Type of Image Sampler
  • Different Kind of filters
  • V-Ray Environment Lighting
  • Reflection and Refraction Environment
  • V-Ray Color Mapping
  • Type of Color Mapping and There Use
  • V-Ray Indirect Illumination

Project Work
  • Day Light Render (Interior)
  • Night Light Render (Interior)
  • Morning Light Render (Interior)
  • Day Light Render (Exterior)
  • Night Light Render (Exterior)
  • Morning Light Render (Exterior)
  • Working with AutoCAD files

Job Opportunities

Designers Architects Engineers
Civil Engineers Drafters Architects
Contractors Building Managers Electrical Controls & System Designers
2D Artist Document Creators Game Developers
Graphic Designers 3D Animators Product Manufactures
Inventors Prototype Designers 3D Animators
Effects Specialist Game Designers Construction Managers
Structural Engineers Building Information Modelers Construction PMs
Interior Designer Construction Development Building Designer


1 – Overall Speed
Speed is of the essence when you’re working towards a tight deadline. Your client wants to see your work as quickly as possible so the project can move forward. Any inefficiencies in your workflow can cause issues. This extends to the speed of your rendering software.
This is where V-Ray really shines. Compared to other digital design and rendering software, V-Ray can bring your models to life fast. You will need a machine capable of running the software effectively, of course. Even so, you get render times than any comparable software.
2 – The Probabilistic Light Setting
The software offers a new probabilistic light setting. It’s found in the Global Switches menu and is set to “off” as a default. Turn it on and you will immediately see how it benefits architectural modelling.
3 – Amazing Integration
Any good rendering software needs to integrate well with the digital design packages that architects use. V-Ray integrates with everything from Rhino 3D and 3DS Max to SketchUp. As a plug-in, V-Ray needs to work well with any software an architect may choose. It does so and it does it seamlessly.
How is this beneficial for architectural modelling? Well, it means that you won’t need to spend hours struggling with V-Ray to get it to work alongside your chosen software. Bugs and glitches are less of an issue than they are with other rendering packages.
4 – Loads of Options
V-Ray is not the easiest digital design rendering software to learn. That’s a fact from which there is no escaping. However, the software does offer an amazing array of options. V-Ray gives you more options for rendering than any other plug-ins on the market. You can spend hours figuring out all of the different options and sliders. Each can affect your render in a variety of ways. Finding out how is part of the fun. It can also help you make even better models.
5 – The Huge Library
A good resource library is a boon in architectural modelling. Without one, it becomes much more difficult to work with your digital design software. Picture the scene. You spend hours poring over a model. You add the final touches and get ready to render your masterpiece. Then, disaster strikes. You made a small mistake early in the process that you failed to catch. The render turns out poorly and you have to spend even more time working on it.

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